How long will you need my vehicle?

Wraps, like quality bodywork, take time. Factors such as complexity of the wrap, vehicle body style, and size of the vehicle all play into how long we will need your vehicle. That said a typical full wrap takes about 1.5 days to install. In most cases it is best to plan on leaving your vehicle [...]

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What questions should I ask when getting a quote on a wrap?

The Sign Dude recognizes that your vehicle is an extremely important asset and that making a decision to design and install this type of advertising is an investment. That said, we encourage you to consider your options carefully.  So here are some questions we suggest you ask when researching wrap companies: DO YOU REMOVE AND [...]

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Can you wrap a boat?

Absolutely! If it rolls or floats, we can wrap it! We also install graphics and textured vinyls on walls and windows. Jet-skis, fiberglass boats, aluminum fishing boats (and thanks to Pavati now aluminum surf boats) if it has a smooth surface we can wrap it!

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Does The Sign Dude Partner with Other Wrap Companies?

Yes, we have installed wraps for hundreds of other companies, providing a local install option in the Southern Oregon area, as well as provided layout, design and production services for national brands while sourcing local installers in each area. We're your commercial vehicle wrap experts let us know what you need and we'll find a [...]

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Can I finance my wrap?

Yes, you can finance your wrap through most dealerships at the time of purchasing a vehicle. The Sign Dude does offer in-house financing for businesses upon approval. Design and Color Proofing of the wrap can be put into motion as soon as you put a deposit down of $150. And don't forget - commercial wraps [...]

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Is design included in my wrap?

Yes. We can help you with the entire process and your quote includes the typical design time needed.- design, print, lamination and installation. The only time there will be additional fees for design is when revisions extend past the quoted design time.

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Can you wrap my bumper?

A painted plastic bumper can be wrapped without any problems. In the case of fiberglass or chrome bumpers, application of vinyl on these areas is not recommended or guaranteed to adhere for the duration of the life of the wrap.

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Can you wrap my roof?

On most car full wraps the roof is included. Generally, roofs are not wrapped on vans, trucks or SUVs, unless it is requested by the customer. Horizontal surfaces are the first area to be impacted by the environment, and because of the lack of maintenance, these areas receive we recommend not doing them unless needed.

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