Interior & Exterior Digital Signage

High-Impact digital displays perfect for business signage, school communications and church messaging. The Sign Dude offers digital signage solutions for both inside and outside your business that gives you permanent visibility with infinitely flexible messaging easily tailored to your specific offer, the time, the day, or any combination you choose.


Offering LED signs that get results,
and are reliable for years to come!

A quality outdoor LED sign gets results like no other form of advertising can. Whatever your industry, your company signage is a landmark to the tens of thousands of people who live near you and those that pass by every single day. Let us show you how to target this critical audience of potential customers with bright, dynamic, eye-catching messaging that makes the impact you need to grow.

In the world of electronic signs, The Sign Dude has partnered with Watchfire. With such an important investment, you need a sign with state-of-the-art engineering to endure temperature extremes, hold up against the elements, and just keep working day in and day out to communicate the messages most important to your organization. Every detail in a Watchfire is designed to meet this standard and exceed expectations. The Sign Dude is qualified and experienced in installing and servicing digital signs from multiple manufacturers.

Content is king when it comes to digital signs, and The Sign Dude can help. Your sign will be connected through a 5G cellular signal, allowing you 24-hour a day access, as well as if you desire, our creative team as well. We can assist you in scheduling and creating beautiful content that utilizes your screen and gets attention.

Design thru Delivery we are here to help. Obtaining permits, specifying the ideal sign, demoing pixel resolutions on-site and handling any service issues should they arise.  Choose The Sign Dude for a long-term partner on your digital signs.

Leasing & Financing Options available, contact a Sign Dude account reprehensive for details.

Susan and everyone over there has been great to us, and the crews are very professional, do great work and on time. Our sign is stunning.

Kids Unlimited

Digital Sign in our tunnel has been going for over two years without a hick-up.

Wash and Go Car Wash
Specifications 6mm 8mm 10mm
Pixel Pitch 6.35mm SMD 8.47mm SMD 10.16mm SMD
Minimum Viewing Distance 14’ or greater 19’ or greater 23’ or greater
Character Height 1.75” or larger 2.3” or larger 2.8” or larger
Live Video Capability Available on XVS models Available on XVS models Available on XVS models
Whole-Sign Color Calibration Standard on XVS models Standard on XVS models Standard on XVS models
On-Demand Diagnostics Included Included Included
Module Dimensions 12” x 12” 12” x 12” 12” x 12”
Matrix Configuration 48 x 48 pixels 36 x 36 pixels 30 x 30 pixels
Video Frame Rate (XVS model) Up to 60 frames/second Up to 60 frames/second Up to 60 frames/second
Video Frame Rate (W model) Up to 30 frames/second Up to 30 frames/second Up to 30 frames/second

Additional Services:

  • We can service or repair
  • We can design and develop content
  • We can manage content
  • We can work with planning and permitting
  • We can source, and install