Experiential & Branded Interior Design

Every time someone walks through, touches and interacts with your space, you have an opportunity to create a lasting impression. Experiential Interior Design takes conventional interior design concepts such as color and lighting and pairs them with elements like multi-layered wall coverings, ceiling and flooring effects, and non-traditional materials created by The Sign Dude just for you. Through Experiential Interior Design, you can tailor the way that your customers, clients and employees engage with your environment.

Enhance your workspace while motivating sales, inspiring trust, and elevating your brand. The Sign Dude combines custom tailored design, large-format and specialty printing techniques, and expert installation to transform your interior into a completely immersive experience.


Our Experiential Interior Design services

The Sign Dude approaches every Experiential Interior Design project with a focus on turning the overall environment into brand touchpoint.

  • Graphic Design and Consulting Services
  • Site Planning
  • Directional and Wayfinding Signs
  • 3-D Focal Walls
  • Retractable Banners and Wall Banners
  • Wall Wraps and Ceiling Graphics
  • Dimensional CNC cut Logo and Messaging
  • Graphic Floors
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • Large-Format Canvas Printing
  • Specialty Capabilities—Metal, Plastic, Plexiglass and More
  • Expert Installation and Maintenance

Micah was wonderful during install went above and beyond for me! And Susan made my vision come to life! I will continue to do business with them! Thank you all!

DAB Town

Custom Wall Coverings

We can print your branding elements onto a canvas textured, durable wall covering and install it to nearly any wall surface.

Directional Signage

Every part of the interior design becomes a part of your brand. From door signs, to hallway signage. We offer custom produced signs to help your clients and staff get around.

POP & Messaging

Partner with The Sign Dude, and let us help you create cost effective, yet unique ways to display messaging to staff and clients. We cringe at the though of another acrylic display holding a ripped up piece of paper on a counter. From door decals displaying your hours, to social distancing messaging around your office, we can help create a branded enviroment.

Focal Walls

We can help design focal walls for your location, and help create a unique and memorable visit. Using many different materials, and dimensions, these walls will draw the customer in and communicate your branding message.