I see that you require a deposit, I am a bit worried about paying before I have seen the design?

We could spend all day designing logos, banners, signs, and vehicle wraps for clients and never be paid. The design process is the first step in receiving a quality marketing piece. We guarantee that we will provide you a design that meets your needs and exceeds the quality you'll find at most traditional sign shops. In [...]

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Can you Make me a Logo?

We offer logo packages, as well as an hourly fee if you would rather pay as you go. Our hourly fee for logo design is $75 per hour, but we have logo packages starting at only $99. Each project has an up-front fee with the remainder of the balance to be paid upon the acceptance of [...]

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How to send a file?

You can email smaller files to your Project Coordinator, or orders@thesigndude.com. For larger files, you can use our FTP server or select upload file on the top of the website through the file upload form.  There is no need to travel to The Sign Dude, although we like to see our customers and give out high-fives [...]

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How define where to cut your file?

At The Sign Dude, our stickers are cut with machines following a path around the artwork. To properly set up a cut path, use a vector shape with a .25 pt stroke in 100% magenta spot color. The cut path can have no sharp corners. Our standard corner radius is 1/8”. The minimum corner radius is [...]

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What file type?

We want your project to print with the best possible quality. If possible send us your artwork in vector format or raster format at 300dpi CMYK color mode in one of these file formats. Not sure? Have a different file format? No problem. Our Creative Department is standing by to help advise you or to fix up [...]

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Raster vs. Vector

We can print both raster and vector images. Vector images are infinitely scalable graphics made up of paths, lines, and shapes. Vector graphics are commonly made in Adobe Illustrator and have file extensions .ai, .eps and .svg. Raster images are made up of pixels and are commonly photographic. Raster images need to be 300dpi at print size for high-quality [...]

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